Welcome to Naperville Yard

Our full-service sports complex offers field rentals capable of hosting soccer leagues and training, birthday parties, camps and other events. All our fields have state-of-the-art rubber infill turf and skylights that provide natural light, bringing the warmth of the outdoors inside.


• Ensuring ALL athletes and coaches have passed the CDC provided screening questions, as well as having a temperature less than 100.4 degrees. Note: ALL information should be documented daily by the renter. *see attached form- it should be turned in every DAY your group rents with us.  

• PLEASE make sure 1 coach is staying until all athletes have left the building and/or have been picked up!

• Renter will let The Yard know if ANYONE has come into contact with a COVID-19 case and understand that their rental is cancelled until approved to come back 

• The renter will be responsible for communicating these rules to their patrons and enforcing them.

• Fields 1 and 2 are a 60-person capacity (25 for A/B). Field 3 and 4 are a 35-person capacity (12 for A/B)

**All procedures subject to change based on various state/local guidelines that are added or removed. **

Lower Level

We have a 100yd x 35yd field that can be divided into two 50yd x 35yd fields or four 35yd x 25yd fields.

Upper Level

We have two 30yd x 40yd fields, each of which can be divided into two smaller 30yd x 20yd fields. Different sized fields can be rented to accommodate various training needs.

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