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Give Your Child an Early Start with Active Childcare

We founded Active Childcare on the principle that physical activity and free-play are critical processes through which children learn valuable skills. These processes, in conjunction with traditional classroom teaching, are the most effective way to develop the long-term critical thinking and social skills necessary for school and life beyond.

Our daycare learning environment is a child’s dream. We have a five-level climbing structure, a huge inflatables area, large open indoor fields, and traditional outdoor play areas found on Naperville Yard’s grounds. Additionally, our classrooms are equipped with nine areas to allow children opportunities to explore.

Children can learn on their own or ask guidance from our teaching staff. Our curriculum includes science and sensory play, art, literacy, music, computer, dramatic play, manipulatives, and blocks.

Free-play in these areas is interspersed with traditional learning techniques to optimize the cognitive learning environment for your child.

At Active Childcare, we are focused on developing the social, emotional, and cognitive skills of your child to prepare them for school and to lay the foundation for life ahead. Given the wealth of research conducted on the positive educational benefits of physical activity, we are excited to be at the forefront of implementing these strategies in an educational environment. We invite you to let your child run, play, learn, and develop all year long!


Provide a unique learning environment that empowers our students to achieve their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical potential.


Deliver a positive educational experience that builds self-confidence, engenders mutual respect, develops social skills, nurtures intelligence, and builds life skills.

Core Principles
  • Focus on developing cognitive skills through hands-on activities
  • Activity and movement are essential to intellectual and physical development
  • Teaching by assisting children in learning for themselves
  • Create a community conducive to children building friendships

Why Choose Active Childcare?

Active Childcare is a Childcare like no other. Along with our classrooms, your child will utilize our 5-level play structure, turf fields, bouncy houses, outside playground, and sports classes! The facility allows for large motor play no matter what the weather is. You will also receive discounts on some of our programs, including Mighty Tykes, by enrolling in Active Childcare. Mighty Tykes is a unique, child-focused soccer development program that focuses on fun. Children in Active Childcare can attend Mighty Tykes and other programs during the day. Active Childcare has all the aspects of other daycares, but with the added benefits of indoor and outdoor facilities as well as the option to participate in the programs Naperville Yard offers during the day. Naperville Yard is right off of I-88 which makes it an easy place to drop your child off at on your way to work!

Naperville Yard Indoor Sports Complex offers a wide range of age group programs, aimed at providing children a safe, fun location to learn, grow, and play. Please find out more about each specific program by clicking on the program of choice below.


We are housed in a 100,000sf facility that gives the children unique and varied opportunities to run, play, and learn on our Fields, Playtower, Inflatables, and Outdoor Playgrounds.



Our award-winning, research-based Creative Curriculum is based on the foundational principal that the path to success is to teach children to be creative, confident thinkers.  Our curriculum achieves this by giving the children opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery that help build lifelong critical thinking skills and foster confidence.  The curriculum integrates 38 objectives for development and learning which are fully aligned with the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework and state early learning standards.


We have a highly-trained and experienced group of teachers and Directors.  All of our staff are committed to helping each child in their care to achieve their cognitive, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical potential. Click on each photo to learn more about this talented group of individuals.

Assessment & Parent Engagement

We have a parent engagement app that allows our teachers to send pictures and feedback, and communicate daily with parents.  Parents are always up-to-date with what their children are up to!  We also assess each child 2-3 times per year and meet with the parents. Our assessments are fully linked into our curriculum and Development & Learning Objectives.

Parent Feedback

Here’s what parents have to say about our program:

"We looked at a half a dozen places for childcare and never quite felt comfortable. We even decided to try a nanny because at least it was at our house. As soon as we walked into Active Childcare we knew that it was the right place. The teachers really cared about the kids and got to know them! Our LO had quite an adjustment period and each of the teachers were really patient, kind, gentle, and caring! I'm so glad that we found this place!"


"Cannot say enough good things about Active Childcare, and the staff. My daughter has been there since she was 3 months old, and is about to graduate from pre-k. She has loved every minute of going to school there. There are so many fun activities, lots of room to romp around and play, and the teachers are all so caring and attentive. The facility is very clean and the environment is engaging."


"Active Childcare was the best decision we made for Mikey's Preschool. The teachers are wonderful and the environment is great. He looks forward to going each day and discover what new activities and learning he will be doing. Thank you for treating Mikey as one of your own. Active Childcare and the teachers truly are one of a kind."


"My daughter started at Active Childcare in 2013 when she was 2 and my two sons started each at 8 weeks old, and now they are 7 months and 2yrs old. Mrs. Julie in the infant room is so amazing and has an obvious love of children."


"All 3 of our children have loved being at Active Childcare, they feel safe and loved... And to top It off there are so many fun activities! You can just feel the love the teachers have for the kids! To us it's like family! Thanks for always treating my babies like your own!"


"My girls are at Active Childcare 2 days/week. The teachers are incredibly well educated in their fields and so patient with my little ones! They have hearts and patience of saints!!! So pleased with the quality of care!"


"My son loves to go to school here. Even though he is only a toddler, there have been days when I have to pull him away crying when it is time to go home."


"My kids have been here for about a year now. They absolutely love it and complain if I pick them up too early. Great group of people in this building."


"We have been taking our first grader to Active Childcare since pre-school. She loves the variety of activities they have available."

"We don't refer to Active Childcare as a daycare, we've always called it school.  Initially it helped with mommy guilt of not being a stay at home mom but we soon saw it validated.  THE KIDS LEARN SO MUCH! We don't think our children would have learned all they have, in the short time that they have if it weren't for Active Childcare's program.  Aside from "school stuff" like letters, numbers, colors, shapes, phonics, time, weather, crafts, etc. they have music lessons and special guests such as magicians, fire fighters, dentists, they even had a reptile guy who brought some of this pets with him - my son was talking about it for weeks!"

"We would strongly recommend Active Childcare to anyone looking for a wonderful, creative, caring, and active environment for their kiddos.  The facility has plenty of classroom space per room with age appropriate activities and toys, and indoor play areas for the kids to stretch their legs and play play play!  The staff hold events like pre-k graduations, Mother's Day tea, and more!  You can tell that they put their hearts into everything they do!  We feel very lucky to have found this place and if you too are looking for a great daycare, with good hours, fair rates, and a wonderful environment for your kids, you should visit Active Childcare!"

Infant (6 weeks - 15 months)

We offer a bright and cheerful infant room where infants follow individualized meal and rest schedules. During the day, our teachers incorporate language development, practice fine and large motor skills, hand/eye coordination, social development, and infant massages.

Toddler (15 months - 2 years)

Our toddler program is based on weekly thematic units that focus on social, language, and motor development. We offer a schedule that is planned but yet flexible to the changing needs of a young toddler just starting to explore the world. Our teachers encourage growth both intellectually and emotionally through language, music, sensory exploration, arts and crafts, and dramatic play.

Two Year Old (2 - 3 years)

Our two-year-old program is based on a weekly thematic unit that allows your child to develop socially, emotionally, and physically. We offer a schedule that allows for small and large group time as well as individual time for your adventurous two-year-old. Our teachers will fill the day with activities in language, music, arts and crafts, sensory exploration, and dramatic play.

Preschool (3 - 4 years)

Our preschool program is designed to incorporate language and literacy, math, science, music, arts and crafts, large motor, and social development into our weekly thematic units. There is a variety of large group and small group activities so children are provided with many choices throughout the day. The preschool classroom is also equipped with a computer that is available to your child which has a variety of educational materials.

Pre-K (4 - 6 years)

Our pre-kindergarten program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten. The pre-kindergarten program emphasizes activities that support your child's social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development as a whole. Our teachers have large group times, yet encourage individual growth as well. Your child will learn new math concepts, begin journaling, get excited over new science discoveries, create new arts and crafts, or begin to read a new book. They will use the computer, play on the indoor soccer field, build with blocks, or play on the 5-level play structure.


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